The Sweetest Smiles Are Inspired By Chickens

This week’s weekly photo challenge theme — SMILE — sent me looking through old photos again. I didn’t know what I was searching for, but these two seemed exactly right when I saw them:

This is my son when he was five years old. He liked to go out to the coop in the evenings to tuck in the chickens. That gap-toothed smile is just killing me right now.

Here’s the same boy, nine years later. This particular hen was his favorite. But you can probably tell that by the love apparent in that soft smile.

My son is in his 20s now. We don’t have chickens at the moment.

After seeing these shots, though, I’m confident there are some in our future
… if not my flock, then his. (Someday.)

Here are some responses to the WPC prompt “smile” that I particularly like:

The Smiling LizardMake Way for Duck TeensBest Furry FriendsShoot Molting Chicken with added decorationsWhy the hell not?Bohemian boy with baby bunnieswild flowersbakingNorthern Lights – … and there may be more, but it’s late and I’ve gotta get some sleep :) When I browse again, I’ll add more links.

A note to any visitors:

Seasonalists is a very new blog. I’m still working out how I want things to be here so, if you click around much, you may run into oddly formatted or empty areas. Please pardon my mess.                                                                                                                            ~ Verity


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