Verity’s joie de vivre list.

the joie de vivre list ~ discovering and keeping 100 repeatable joys

honoring found quiet moments laughing
taking intentional zen time (meditation) making someone laugh
retreating / nesting in one of my cozy spots getting helpless giggles
lighting a companion candle being moved to tears
using comfort item(s) (hot pack, blanket, etc.) giving a gift (thing)
exercising (yoga) -stretching & un-kinking giving a gift (service)
exercising (essentrics) – strength & balance setting domestic mood
exercising – with endorphin rush bathing / immersing
exercising – dog walk / companion applying lotion(s)
exercising – writerly walk / alone preening
drinking for health – (H2O, essence, tea) wearing joy clothes
drinking for mood – (coffee, wine, beer) wearing scent/perfume
drinking / eating – “excessive” indulgence wearing jewelry
eating just right – (the perfect treat) wearing makeup
eating just right – (the perfect fuel) wearing cozy clothes
positively interacting when on social media going to parks & trails
positively interacting when out & about being near water
positively interacting with house members just BEING outdoors
positively interacting with my dog(s) taking patio time
being deliberately kind, helpful, generous shopping / browsing
sending greetings (pen & paper) scoring a bargain
intimately conversing with a friend cooking
intimately conversing with my mate baking
happily hanging out with my children knitting
listening to motivational guide(s) x-stitching/needlework
making pretties: papers & printables private joy 1
making pretties: photos & share-ables private joy 2
making pretties: potions & luxuries private joy 3
making pretties: decorating living space private joy 4
drawing / doodling: dangles & zentangles private joy 5
originating a clever solution / idea / trick writing fiction
crossing a task off my “tolerations” list writing nonfiction
remembering how much I HAVE achieved / done taking photographs
feeling satisfied by day’s work journaling bujo-style
doing activities that celebrate the season journaling diary-style
 witnessing to family “functionality” reading
 witnessing to art / beauty studying (for work)
 witnessing to goodness / rightness studying (for play)
 venturing beyond my comfort zones doing spiritual work
 being pleasantly spooked / thrilled working with tarot
 watching a movie organizing
 watching TV (social) learning something new
 watching MY show(s) teaching
 making one thing “shiny” listening to music
 napping singing / making music
 dreaming dancing
 going to bed early going on a date
 sleeping in flirting
 daydreaming being petted
 keeping my joys cuddling / snuggling


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