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Seasonalists is a very new blog. I’m still working out how I want things to be here so, if you click around much, you may run into oddly formatted or empty areas. Please pardon my mess.                                                                                                                            ~ Verity

This photograph was taken in late March, 2012, when I had just moved from a rural farmlette to an apartment in a suburb of St. Paul, MN. This was my view from the deck of the apartment. I was transitioning to a new life, because (due to job loss, medical expenses, and the foolishness of youth) we had (literally) lost the farm. At about the same time, I wrote the following in my journal:

I spent the entire day (except for a trip to the dog park and a short practice drive with my boy) sitting on my deck, trying to find my place in my work. Whenever frustration overwhelmed me and I looked up from my keyboard, I could watch the Mallards and Canada geese glide around on the black water of the pond. (Did you know a cloudy sky turns small, still bodies of water black?)

Now that it’s after midnight, I can only listen to the sounds of the creatures that live beyond the deck-rail. Mostly, I’ve been hearing the geese and the easily identified spring peepers, but an unfamiliar frog is calling – actually sort of clicking – from the far bank. An owl – one that is not a barred owl like those that lived near my old house – is hooting in a strange, quavering voice. (Wait … now that I’m paying close attention, I realize there are two.)

Once in a while, the muskrat splashes in the water. I think he chirps to himself as he goes about his business … unless there are two of them here as well.

Last night, I found a quarter-sized painted turtle in the underground garage. When I released him onto a pile of damp leaves near the pond’s edge, I shined the flashlight into the water and saw fat, healthy leeches, quick little water beetles and dozens of silver-swift minnows.

It’s a good pond. One that will help me find my place, I think.

I watched a lot of sunsets over my beloved pond in the next four years, as our family built a new life and a new vision of our future.

Now, six years later (wow!) I’m writing this from my desk, as I sit next to a giant picture window, in a different apartment, which is located in a suburb of Raleigh, NC. We have a northern exposure, so I see neither sunsets nor sunrises from where I am now.

But I looked out the window a few minutes ago and saw a bright green Carolina anole sunning itself on the tree across the parking lot. (It must be a big one, if I can see it from this distance.) My view isn’t as pretty as the one from my old apartment — and I doubt I’ll grow as fond of the greenery beyond the parking lot as I was of my pond — but it’s pretty enough.

It will do as we find our place again.


Here are some responses to the WPC prompt “Rise/Set” that I particularly like:

French Sunrise / Spanish Sunset – an interesting take on the theme – Shades of the Sunover flowers in a meadowclouds on firea perfect companion for my entryGrand Canyonon a warm summer eveningQuite MagicalNorwegian harborSnowy Spring SunriseStory Bridge in Brisbanecotton candy skythe waters of Hamburgsunset in black and whiteambient sunsetSunrise, Sunset and all the Birds in Betweenthe sun and the moonsunrise with mistMogador SunsetsSunrise on the New Jersey Shoresummers in Greece –  Setthe quality of the light in these two shots is stunning

I may add more, as I browse more responses.

7 thoughts on “life-set / life-rise

  1. The pond at your first apartment is very peaceful. I like the idea of your blog, to live by the season is very appealing. I try to do it. Most evident is that I try to cook for for my family that is locally sourced, either vegetables that I grow myself, or food from neighbors, that kind of makes you eat by the season. The season offers a great variety here, since we live in California. Food wise that is a blessing. Again, I really like your blog idea. Best of luck!

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    1. Thank you. I’ve tried a lot of different “methods” for managing life, and working closely with the seasons, in a 13 week pattern, has been the best. Just natural, you know?

      I envy you your produce variety! It’s better here in NC than it was in MN, but your state has got us all beat.

      Liked by 1 person

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